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6 Travel Hacks

Online Travel Insurance’s assistance provider Allianz Global Assistance shares the 6 best pieces of travel advice that will help you avoid all the frustrating bits of travel and leave you free to enjoy the good stuff.

6-150x150 6 Travel Hacks1. Keep your wallet in your front pocket

This is especially useful for those of you who keep all your most important documents (ID, passport, license, etc) in one place. You could also try keeping all your really important gear in a bag with decent zips.

2. Make friends with a local1-150x150 6 Travel Hacks

Why do you travel in the first place? To experience the culture of wherever you’re going, right? Unless of course you’re spending a week at an all-inclusive beach resort (no judgment). If you want to experience a place like a local, ask a local to show you the best restaurants and pubs.

3-150x150 6 Travel Hacks3. Photocopy important docs to leave with friends

Take photos of or photocopy important documents such as passport, credit card, ID and so on. Email the photos to yourself and leave copies with friends or family. If you lose these items then they are easily accessible.

2-150x150 6 Travel Hacks4. Bring a microfibre towel

Have you ever travelled with a damp towel? Then you know just how unpleasant it is. News to us: microfibre towels dry more than five times faster than regular towels and they fold up really small.

4-150x150 6 Travel Hacks5. Roll clothes, don’t fold

We didn’t realise the value in this one till we tried it ourselves; not only does this majorly minimise the wrinkling, but it also maximises suitcase space. You’ll fit a lot more in your luggage if you roll instead of fold and you won’t have to worry about ironing. After all, the only thing worse than a tourist is a tourist with wrinkly clothes.

6. Get travel insurance

No, most of us don’t think of getting travel insurance – but it’s a good idea to make sure you’re covered. Online Travel Insurance has a range of travel insurance options to suit all budgets and travel plans.

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