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Top 5 ways to explore Rome

Rome is a wonderful city and there is so much to see and do!  A little planning before you go can make sure you see the most wonderful parts without wasting time in taxi queues or chasing phantom buses.  Here are some of our tips for seeing the best parts of Rome, without hassle:

Rome-Italy-iew-of-the-Coliseum-from-Palatine-Hill Top 5 ways to explore Rome

View of the Colosseum from Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy

1.       Take the hop-on hop-off tour

If you’re not familiar with Rome, a hop-on hop-off tour can be a good place to start.  You can see most of the main attractions, and get a general feel for the city before you decide what special places might need a closer look.

It’s easy and flexible – just buy a ticket, then you can hop on and hop off at any stop.  You can go the whole way around on the bus, or stop somewhere that takes your fancy for a closer look.  Be warned though, in peak seasons you can waste a lot of time waiting in a queue to get on a bus, and sometimes the buses can’t get to the really interesting places as the streets are too narrow.  All the more reason to stay another day and walk there though!

According to Rome Toolkit, there a 7 different companies offering hop-on hop-off tours – so visit them to find out more and book!

2.       Private tour with a local guide

If you’re interested in seeing something different from the usual tourism spots, try booking a private tour with a local Roman.  See hidden secrets and practise your Italian on an unsuspecting native – and let him or her practise their English on you! Makes for a fun day out plus you’ll get to see the sites from a native who really knows the city.

Rome_St.-Peters-cathedral-at-night Top 5 ways to explore Rome

St. Peters Cathedral at sunset, Rome, Italy

If you already know someone in Rome, ask around.  Otherwise you can book a guide through a company such as Tours By Locals.

3.       Walking tour of the Angels and Demons setting.

If you’ve read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, or seen the movie, taking a walking tour through the sites is a must-do.

You can take the Angels and Demons tour as either a guided or self-guided trip, depending on whether you prefer to discover things yourself or have someone tell you about the mysteries.

As well as visiting some of Rome’s most beautiful piazzas, you can visit sites full of ancient pagan and Christian symbols.  Who knows, you might unlock a mystery or two yourself!

Visit the official Angels and Demons tour site to find out more

4.       Vespa tours

For something different, why not try a Vespa tour of Rome?  Though it’s not for the fainthearted in the notorious Roman traffic, zipping through the queues and down narrow alleyways to find the hidden secrets of the city can be great fun!  You can even do one at night!  Release your inner Audrey Hepburn and try a vespa tour with Nerone Tours.

5.       Self Guided Tour

A self-guided tour of the Vatican or another attraction such as the Coliseum or the Forum, with a pre-recorded commentary on a headset, means that you can go at your own pace, lingering wherever takes your fancy, while listening to enticing information.

Rome_Colosseum Top 5 ways to explore Rome

Internal view of the Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Most attractions offer headsets with pre-recorded commentary for hire – it’s just a matter of booking one at the same time that you buy your ticket. Some even have their own apps for downloading to your Smartphone.

Note:  if you are planning on visiting any of the churches in Rome, you must have your shoulders and knees covered, or you won’t be allowed in.

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